The Road to Nowhere begins with me.

The wreckage of my past keeps haunting me It just wont leave me alone I still find it all a mystery Could it be a dream?

- Ozzy Osbourne

This dark and potentially disturbing chronicle, set in the World Of Darkness ’s Bishops Gate Asylum, paves a road through the twisted visions and maddening thoughts of a criminally insane patient of Bishops Gate. Through his story and the personal journals of this madman; Rachel Stevens, we’re givin a view of the inner heart of Bishops Gate, and a dark view to secret reality of the World of Darkness.

Questioning his own mind, learning to accept, or possibly reinforce through denial, his own inner demons and madness Rachel Stevens explores the dark corners of Bishops Gate – and his soul. What he has yet to discover about the brick walled sanitarium may unlock keys to his own personal torment and lead him to his own path of redemption, sanity, or perhaps total damnation!

The Road to Nowhere